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Laurel Prescriptions has been providing care since 1973. We provide a vast array of treatments and traditional medicines to help you live a healthy life. Our staff pharmacists ensure you get the best possible care, whether it be providing immunizations before a trip, fitting Graduated Compression Stockings, as well as on site walker repairs.

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Medication Reviews

Our goal is to make sure you understand your health to the fullest, and we accomplish this with medication reviews. Our pharmacists will conduct medication reviews help to optimize your health by discussing the medications and supplements you take and their relevance to your overall health.

Compliance Packing

At Laurel Prescriptions, Compliance packs provide an organized, safe and convenient way for you to take your medications. Our pharmacy team will organize your medications into easy to use compliance packs in order to help reduce any medication mistakes which can occur at home.


As you age, your risk for certain diseases increases and as such, you require certain vaccinations. Also, some of the vaccinations you had as a child require booster shots. The pharmacists at Laurel Prescriptions are injection certified and will work with you to help identify vaccinations you need. The pharmacists can also administer the vaccinations making it easier for you to have all of your vaccination needs completed in one place.

Went there on a Saturday morning in September. Excellent service. Very helpful pharmacist and clerk to provide and explain new (for me) medication compounded in the pharmacy. Lower price than had been quoted by pharmacy closer to home.
Brian Cousins
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